Who We Are

Fortune Life Insurance PLC (Fortune Life) was granted an operating license by the Ministry of Economy and Finance on 24th June 2020.

We are a Cambodian life insurer that operates to the very highest international standards. Our leadership and senior management have a strong track record of successfully building multi-national life insurance companies in Asia, particularly in young and emerging life insurance markets, and we have now brought this expertise to Cambodia with Fortune Life.

We are extremely pleased and humbled that the government has placed its trust in Fortune Life, to serve the people of Cambodia and to play an instrumental role in continuing to develop the country’s life insurance industry.

Fortune Life provides savings and protection products to individuals and their families through the highest levels of customer service. Our products are tailored specifically to the financial needs of Cambodians, and are relevant and affordable. We feel privileged to be able to contribute to improving the financial security and wealth creation of Cambodians.

Our Vision

To be regarded by our Customers and Staff as the best life insurance company in Cambodia

Our Commitment

  • We strive to be the preferred life insurer in Cambodia; recommended by family and friends, trusted by our Customers for sound financial advice, and with a reputation for always providing high-quality service.
  • We recruit and retain the best life insurance talent in the Cambodian market. Fortune Life offers excellent training and development to all of its employees to help them achieve their personal and professional goals.
  • We offer a safe, secure and inclusive working environment.

Our Values

Our Values define who we are, how we treat each other and how we interact with our Customers:

  • We work together as one team to achieve our goals.
  • We focus on results.
  • We take ownership for our work and proactively seek to deliver our goals.
  • We are courteous, respectful and constructive to everyone.
  • We learn from our mistakes and try not to repeat them.
  • We do not blame each other; we seek solutions.
  • We constantly review our processes to cut-out Customer pain points.

Meet Our Team


Dominick Williams

Chief Executive Officer

Dominick has spent 25 years in the life insurance industry, building and developing successful life insurance companies across Asia. Knowing what it takes to provide Customers with the right products in the right way at the right time, Dominick is dedicated to our commitment of being ‘Here for you, for life’ for each and every Customer.


Mou Kiat Teh

Chief Actuary

‘MK’ comes from Malaysia and brings additional international experience to Fortune Life. His wide-ranging responsibilities include product design and pricing, valuation and risk management. MK and his team ensure that the market-leading products we offer are tailored to meet the needs of Cambodian families.


Rin Sot

Chief Agency Officer

Rin is an extremely well-respected and successful sales leader with a strong life insurance track record in Cambodia. Rin and his team ensure that Fortune Life’s Financial Consultants across the country always deliver our competitive savings and protection products with the highest level of customer service.


Sopheap Heng

Head of Operations

Sopheap has more than 10 years’ life insurance operations experience and is a pioneer of our industry in Cambodia. She has an impressive track record of setting up operations functions. Sopheap’s team provides smooth, seamless and customer-focused solutions to make sure every Customer’s experience is the very best.


Sophy Sam

Head of Finance

With more than 20 years’ experience in finance operations, Sophy has spent eight of these in the life insurance industry. This makes her a pioneer and veteran of the industry in Cambodia too. Sophy and her team provide first-class support to our staff and Financial Consultants in all areas of finance and accounting.


Nakry Sao

Head of Human Resources

Educated in New Zealand, Nakry’s strong HR experience is drawn from various industries that include life insurance. She drives and oversees all aspects of people management including recruitment, employee engagement and training to name but three! Nakry’s team ensures that Fortune Life is a great place to work.


Bora Ourng

Head of IT

Bora has over 15 years’ IT experience with life insurance and microfinance companies. He is an expert in delivering effective operational solutions to staff and Financial Consultants as well as implementing initiatives that allow our customers to engage with us in a fast, simple and efficient way.