Fortune Life launches its flagship products

Here for you, for life, is not just Fortune Life’s tag-line; it is the company’s commitment to each and every customer.

Fortune Life Insurance PLC (Fortune Life) has received approvals from the Ministry of Economy and Finance to sell its savings and protection products.

The approvals relate to Fortune Life’s initial three products:

  1. ForLife Education Plan
  2. ForLife Family Plan
  3. Accident Protect

“Launching our first products in Cambodia is another great milestone for us”, commented Dominick Williams, Fortune Life’s Chief Executive Officer. “All three of our initial product solutions have been designed specifically to meet the priority needs of Cambodian families. We have made them easy to access, easy to understand and affordable”.

The ForLife Education Plan and ForLife Family Plan are Fortune Life’s core savings products. They can be set up over a range of terms and offer a guaranteed return of 110% and 105% respectively.

There are two versions of the ForLife Education Plan; one for high school and another for university. The ForLife Family Plan is designed to enable families to save for other key life events such as the deposit to purchase a house, a wedding, to provide an income in retirement, or to create an inheritance to pass down to children and grandchildren.

Both savings plans provide underlying protection by paying 100% of the sum assured if the plan-holder suffers total and permanent disability or passes away within the duration of the plan. Dominick Williams explains, “This protection is crucial, as it ensures that our customers’ goals are not financially impacted by unfortunate and unforeseen events, and helps them to avoid financial hardship.”

Additional coverage is provided by Accident Protect, which provides a cash benefit if the plan-holder suffers total and permanent disability or passes away as a result of an accident.

“Offering relevant product solutions that are tailored to what Cambodians want is the first of two crucial ingredients to deliver financial well-being to families across the country. The second ingredient is delivering these solutions through excellent customer service, and I know that our Financial Consultants and Head Office staff will do this”, remarked Dominick Williams. “I believe that all three of our newly-launched products are market-leading, and will contribute to improving the financial security and wealth creation of Cambodian families”.

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