Additional Covid-19 Benefits for our Customers

Fortune Life has added additional Covid-19 benefits at no extra cost for both existing customers and new customers who bought a policy with Fortune Life Insurance PLC before/on 30 September 2021.


Terms and Conditions
COVID-19 Extra Coverage

  • Fortune Life COVID-19 Extra Coverage are eligible for both existing customers and new customers who bought a policy with Fortune Life Insurance PLC before/on 30 September 2021, having at least one in-force individual policy.
  • This extra coverage period is effective until 30 November 2021.
  • The extra coverage includes an additional US$ 4,000 for death from COVID-19 and US$ 550 on hospitalization for being diagnosed with COVID-19. This extra coverage will supersede the existing extra coverage provided by Fortune Life Insurance PLC.
  • Fortune Life Insurance PLC shall pay only a maximum of USD 50,000 of total claims (from all customers) under this COVID-19 Extra Coverage.
  • The extra coverage will be voided in the case of customer who defies the government advice on traveling or visiting specific area/country which restricted by COVID-19 outbreak.
  • A 14-days waiting period is applied to these COVID-19 benefits from policy issuance date and policy reinstatement date (whichever is later).
  • Pre-existing condition is not covered.
  • The benefits are paid out only:
    – To customer who is admitted to hospital for proper treatment, not including home treatment.
    – One time per life assured regardless of the numbers of policy the life assured has.
    – In case life assured and policy owner is not the same person, benefit is only eligible for life assured.
  • The result of COVID-19 diagnosis must be from a registered medical practitioner, confirmed by local authority (Ministry of Health) and admitted to hospital for proper treatment.
  • For COVID-19 diagnosis or death claim, the customer or beneficiary must notify Fortune Life Insurance PLC within the period of ninety (90) days from the date of diagnosis or death and submit all relevant documents such as test result confirming COVID-19, duration of hospitalization and death certification (where applicable) certified by a registered medical practitioner in Cambodia.
  • Fortune Life Insurance PLC reserves the rights to change the Term and Conditions without any prior notice and the final claim decision is entirely at the authority of Fortune Life Insurance PLC.
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